Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Interactive Process: Handling An Employee Request For A Disability Accommodation

By Erica N. CordovaHR Esquire – The Cordova Law Firm LLC

This article contains some excellent advice for employers. I am still surprised by how many cases I have personally seen where the employer ignores the employee's request for an accommodation due to the employer's lack of knowledge of the appropriate process, or worse, due to the employer's assumption that the employee is "faking" so that he or she can get an exception to the standards all other employees must adhere to. 
In my experience, problems arising from an employer failing to engage in the "interaction process" regarding an employee's request for a reasonable accommodation are more common in the realm of mental health issues where the employee's disability is not immediately apparent. If one of your employees requests a disability accommodation, make sure you handle it properly by applying the tips outlined in this article.

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